※Source: Total sales of chilled cup beverages (coffee),
April 2018–March 2019, Intage SRI®

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Perfect balance of espresso and milk


Limited editions of caffè latte


Beans and brews of exceptional quality

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Take a sip
when you need to focus on an inspired new idea
or when you want to unwind and be yourself.

Mt. Rainier clears and resets your mind.
It wakes up and revives the natural, ideal you.

Subtly bitter espresso and velvety milk
blend in exquisite harmony
in flavors for every preference and mood.

At any given place, in any given moment,
there is a perfect cup for everyone—
this is the reward and joy of Mt. Rainier.


The Mt. Rainier brand of authentic caffè latte was launched in Japan and continues to enjoy steady popularity.

Its origins date from the early 1990s, when Morinaga Milk introduced in the Japanese market the quintessence of the coffee culture of Seattle, Washington. Espresso served with a liberal splash of milk—the caffè latte—was an entirely novel coffee that was both refreshing and soothing.

At the time, Seattleites bought their coffee from carts on the street corner and shops in the library, and enjoyed it on the go. This style was already established in the mainstream. By contrast, the Japanese still had their coffee sitting down either at home or in a coffeehouse.

Mt. Rainier presented the style of drinking coffee on the go, and the fresh, flavorful caffè latte, both of which appeared revolutionary to Japanese eyes. The brand paved the way for the chilled cup coffees that are a normal part of our life today.

The product name Mt. Rainier derives from Mount Rainier in Seattle, the birthplace of the caffè latte. The mountain dominating the city’s skyline serves as a symbol of peace for the residents.
More than 25 years on since it was conceived in Japan, Mt. Rainier boasts the greatest sales in the chilled cup industry and has established itself as a reliable, well-loved brand.